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This has been an amazing find for my family, pets, and clients! I learned about homeopathy in 2004 when a friend of mine was going to Homeopathy School and stayed at our home occasionally. Made from the vibrational signature of natural plants, elements, etc. My children would actually ask for it when they were having difficulty with emotions. “Mom, I think I need some Rescue Remedy!” This would quickly help them move through whatever emotional state was presenting.

One year our cat Chuck, who was about 10 years old, was starting to appear achy, decrepit, and dull. My vet who was also a homeopath suggested 1 drop of Rescue Remedy in the water bowl each time it was refilled. We noticed a difference quickly. Visitors would even comment “He’s so bright, vibrant, and playful.” How could 1 drop of anything make such an impact? Chuck lived to be 21 years old! Equivalent to 100 years in cat years! I definitely noticed if we forgot to put it in he would start to become achy decrepit and dull again. Hmmm. Wow! How could something that is only a vibrational essence of flowers make such an impact?! For pets, Rescue Remedy can help with overall demeanor, separation anxiety, acclimating a new pet into the fold, obsessive behaviors, overall wellness.

There are many different formulations. This makes it easy to find the right one for you. The standard drops and spray are based in alcohol, typically brandy. The Pet & Kid’s formulations are based in glycerin. I have used both with my pets, children and self. One drop in the water has a big impact. It also comes in pastules.

Using it for myself I would notice any time I felt anxious, stuck, stressed, or unable to move forward, Rescue Remedy could shift my energy, mood, etc. Sometimes I would cry, expressing the stuck emotions which allowed me to become unstuck. I started keeping it in my lunch cooler to be available when needed. I didn’t require it often, but when I would remember to use it it was pivotal!

I like to keep one in my car as well. Anyone stressed by driving situations ever?! I was rear-ended in 2019 and had instant pain from the top of my head down to my shoulders on both sides. I was stunned and upset. I saw the yellow Rescue Remedy right on my console. I took 3 sprays. My pain dissipated. Then I would creep back in. I’d take it again. It dissipated. This cycle continued several times. I also eventually took a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal formula for releasing the exterior alternating with the Rescue Remedy. This was the day I learned firsthand that trauma (physical, mental, emotional) moves deeper if not addressed immediately. Between these 2 adjunctive stress remedies I did not have permanent damage from the whiplash. My neck was already fragile from life’s many experiences. It was expected that this would prove detrimental and chronic. I continued my regular care with Acupuncture, Chiropractic, CranioSacral Therapy, and Healing Touch with no long term effects.

With my Blended Acupuncture Sessions one of the 1st steps is an energy assessment where I check your aura (energy field). Most people are not centered and grounded. I teach empowering tools and techniques, like the Forced Exhale, your very 1st visit to help center and ground yourself. If that intrigues you, feel free to Schedule Now!

Big Tip here! The Forced Exhale.

This is a great tool you can use anywhere anytime, even while driving! You’re going to breath in through your MOUTH and out through your NOSE. The opposite of most breathing techniques. When you breath out through your nose you’re going to make some noise with your breath using your abdomen to push it out. This helps discharge all that which is keeping us not in our bodies, floating above in that anxiety or activated state. *Hot tip* You may want to blow your nose 1st. 😉 We’re going to do this 5 times. You want to energetically hunker down into your feet with each Forced Exhale. When we are in an anxious state, the bottom of our aura which should be at least 1 foot into the earth, can be up in our chest! So if you can imagine carrying a massive ballon around ( your aura) over your head. This makes us top heavy, easy to sway, tip, or trigger. Imaging being like a black chess piece made of stone with a sturdy solid base. Notice when you start to feel your feet on the ground again. This is where you want to be! You may feel clearer, more present, more in your body, less stressed, activated and anxious. Miraculously this can even resolve pain!

I have used this technique in the hospital with patients who need to endure at test where they need to lie still for a predetermined about of time. In 1 instance I had a patient who needed to lie flat and still for a Nuclear Test. He was certain he would not be able to complete the test as his back pain is excruciating lying flat. He had had back surgery years before that did not resolve his pain. It was 6/10, the same as before his surgery. This made him quite anxious to attempt the test. I asked if he’d like to learn a breathing technique that might help. He agreed. I taught him the Forced Exhale. He was beyond ecstatic as his back pain resolved completely! He was able to complete the test with minimal discomfort and was so grateful. Now he had a tool he could use to be empowered in his situation and his care! Many other hospital success stories for another blog.

Most manage this fairly easily, especially children! They take these techniques home and use them regularly so that when something stressful comes up they remember to use their tools. It’s always easier to ground and center when someone is holding space for you. People are generally successful by themselves as well. Sometimes we get in a state where it seems nothing we do works. This is when there is something bigger that needs to be moved – a past memory, belief, or trauma that gets stuck. Rescue Remedy is a great tool I recommend my clients have on hand for specifically these moments. I’ve done experiments in the office where we tried Rescue Remedy instead of the Forced Exhales 1st to center and ground and BOOM! It works. My goal in our sessions is to empower you to help yourself when you’re not in my office. I would always want you to try the Forced Exhales first, but having Rescue Remedy on hand for those times where it seems nothing works is golden!

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